Trading in a Dark pool: benefits and drawbacks by Katia Colaneri

A dark pool is a trading venue alternative to the lit market, where most of the information about execution prices and standing orders is hidden to traders. Such markets have traditionally been used by institutional investors to execute large orders and to mitigate the price impact resulting in standard exchange markets. The reduction of price impact is not the only advantage of trading in a dark pool. 

In this meeting of the Phinance Online SeminarsKatia Colaneri (Tor Vergata) will discuss the main characteristics and different types of dark pools and will offer an analysis of advantages and disadvantages of trading in such venues. The meeting will be followed by an open debate.

15:30 CET, 28 October 2022



Katia Colaneri
Roma – Tor Vergata


Chair Emiliano Ippoliti, Sapienza University of Rome

Phinance Online Seminars are organized by Phinance, a Philosophy & Finance Network

Open to the public. No registration required
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