‘Trading at the speed of light’ by D. Mackenzie

Finance is inextricably linked to technological innovation. Not only does it constantly look for innovative companies to invest in, or technological innovations to give it a competitive advantage, but it is itself one of humanity’s foremost technological innovations.

Present-day finance is the outcome of two fundamental technological innovations: money and machines. With the information revolution, machines are increasingly being used instead of humans to manage finance. An activity once run only by humans has evolved in an industry where computers play an increasingly influential role, and already create niches where machines operate alone at light speed.

Donald Mackenzie’s new book, ‘Trading at the speed of light (Princeton University Press), examines the latest and most extreme form of these innovations; it reconstructs the exceptional efforts being made to speed up every aspect of trading, and it offers a unique glimpse into the influence of automated trading on global finance and insights into where it could lead us in the future.

The first of the Phinance Online Seminars will discuss Donald’s book with contributions from Daniel Beunza, Bo Hee Min, Christian Borch, Robert Seyfert, and Donald himself, which will be followed by an open debate.

17:00 CET, 21 June 2021



Donald Mackenzie


Daniel Beunza
City University of London
Bo Hee Min
Copenhagen Business School
Christian Borch
Copenhagen Business School
Robert Seyfert
Kiel University


Chair Emiliano Ippoliti, Sapienza University of Rome

Phinance Online Seminars are organized by Phinance, a Philosophy & Finance Network