‘Ontology of the Financial Transaction’ by Gloria Sansò

Gloria Sansò (University at Buffalo)

 At first sight, the nature of actions such as buying and selling seem to be very straightforward and, for this reason, not worthy of a philosophical investigation. A more careful analysis, however, makes plain that this is not the case: the nature of these actions is characterized by considerable ontological complexity, especially when they involve shares, bonds, and derivatives. The problem can be thus addressed by focusing on two different aspects. The first concerns the actions themselves: what are people really doing when they buy and sell? Is there a successful way to distinguish these two actions? The second aspect concerns the nature of the things traded. Do terms such as “share” and “bond” refer to actual things? If so, what sort of entities are they?

In this meeting of the Phinance Online Seminars, Gloria tests some possible answers to these questions by discussing pros and cons of each view. 

The meeting will be followed by an open debate.

17:30 CET, 28 February 2023



Gloria Sansò
(University at Buffalo)


Chair Emiliano Ippoliti, Sapienza University of Rome

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