“Money rules? Two viewpoints” by Francesco Guala & Frank Hindriks

Francesco_Guala_Frank Hindriks

What is money?
The answers to this fundamental question are evolving in the last decade, also thanks to electronic money and the theoretical and practical issues that they pose.
This meeting of the Phinance Online Seminars will confront two viewpoints on money, defen- ded by Frank Hindriks and Francesco Guala, and will be followed by an open debate.

Frank Hindriks

Money, its function, and its norms
“Money is a normative kind.
Counterfeit objects are not money, even if they are used as such”

Electronic money
“It is a property of an agent. Money is often characterised as a means of exchange, which suggests it is an object. However, it is also characterised in terms of purchasing power. And power is a property of an agent”

Francesco Guala

Money, its function, and its norms
“Money is a functional kind. If they are used as money, they thereby are money”

Electronic money
“It is an abstract object”

“I agree with Frank that we have to attribute a lot of significance to rules in the analysis of money”

17:00 CET, 18 February 2022


Welcome & Discussants

Francesco Guala
Università degli Studi di Milano Statale
Frank Hindriks
University of Groningen


Chair Emiliano Ippoliti, Sapienza University of Rome

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