From Boardroom to Classroom. Finance Films as Teaching Tools by Constantin Parvulescu

Constantin Parvulescu

The film has become and might still be, for a while, a useful teaching tool. Both fiction and documentary films serve as conversation starters, sources of information, developers of concepts, providers of visual testimonies, mock legal case studies, and examples of original observation and public intervention. In this seminar, Constantin Parvulescu (author of the book Global Finance on Screen) reflects on what we believe we can learn from finance films and reflect on how to exploit them as students and teachers.

Constantin will help us find some answers to these questions in this Phinance online seminar. An open debate will follow the meeting.

12:45 CET, 24 May 2023



Constantin Parvulescu
Babeş-Bolyai University


Chair Emiliano Ippoliti, Sapienza University of Rome

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