Dreams of Yesterday: how Blockchain Professionals Imagine the Future of Society by Alex Preda

Alex Preda Conference

Over the past decade, blockchain and the crypto economy have got considerable attention worldwide. While being initially dismissed as a fringe phenomenon or vilified, we have seen more and more established institutions, regulators, governments, central banks, and hedge funds becoming interested and invested in the blockchain economy over the past four years.
This process of going mainstream raises the question of how professionals involved in it imagine the future of society in relation to the blockchain. While several investigations have highlighted the roots of blockchain in libertarian and anarchist ideas, most discussions have been based on reading and interpreting white papers, not on what professionals on the ground project as the future of society in relation to what they are doing. At the same time, the rapid evolution and expansion of blockchain projects, together with their continuous transformation on the ground make it difficult to reduce projections of the future to a few statements and declarations formulated in white papers, or to a single vision of the future.
How do then professionals on the ground imagine the future of society in relationship to blockchain and in relationship to what they are doing? Based on 280 interviews with professionals in the blockchains space from across major, global nodes of the crypto-economy, Alex examines how managers, finance professionals and software engineers configure different societal futures anchored in blockchain projects.
The meeting will be followed by an open debate.

17:30 CET, 20 April 2023



Alex Preda
(King’s College London)


Chair Emiliano Ippoliti, Sapienza University of Rome

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