‘Trading at the speed of light’ by D. Mackenzie

Finance is inextricably linked to technological innovation. Not only does it constantly look for innovative companies to invest in, or technological innovations to give it a competitive advantage, but it is itself one of humanity’s foremost technological innovations. Present-day finance is the outcome of two fundamental technological innovations: money and machines. With the information revolution, […]

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‘Taking the floor’ by D. Beunza

Daniel Beunza

Modelling and governing finance are not two separate things. This is one of the main lessons that the sociology and the nascent philosophy of finance have taught us. The powerful interrelation between the models, the behavior, and the organization of financial markets is the focus of Daniel Beunza’s book Taking the Floor: Models, Morals, and Management in a […]

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Finance, Law, and Sustainability: the EU sustainable finance action plan by Boudewijn de Bruin

Finance, law, and sustainability are more and more interconnected. When law takes over, important questions must be asked. What is the power of legislation and litigation, and what legal instruments and tactics are appropriate? Boudewijn will zoom in on legislative initiatives around sustainable finance deriving from the Action Plan Financing Sustainable Growth published by the European Commission […]

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