‘Can sustainable finance deliver?’ by Dirk Bezemer

Dirk Bezemer (Groningen)

In what sense does the sustainability transition require sustainable finance? Key ideas underlying the assertion that it does, include a view on the nature of private finance as a productive force and a vision of the market economy as transforming financial investments into material change. In this meeting of the Phinance Online Seminars, Dirk critically considers these ideas. He aims at identifying the conditions for sustainable finance to deliver on its promises, applying a macrofinancial lens. This shifts the focus from sustainable finance markets to the nature of finance, and to the financial and economic system in which a sustainability transition is to take place.

He argues that critical macrofinance coupled with the monetary theory of production not only helps to deconstruct sustainable finance notions but also points to alternatives that may work: a focus on real outcomes rather than financial instruments, public management of private sustainable investment expectations, credit guidance policies, adding ‘floors and ceilings’ to the hierarchy of money and using high-hierarchy instruments.

The meeting will be followed by an open debate.

17:30 CET, 26 January 2023



Dirk Bezemer


Chair Emiliano Ippoliti, Sapienza University of Rome

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