Scientific Direction
Emiliano Ippoliti
Department of Philosophy 
Sapienza University of Rome
emiliano.ippoliti at uniroma1.it

Contact: info@phinance.cloud

Purpose and Aims

PHINANCE, The Philosophy & Finance Network, promotes the study of the philosophy of finance. It deals with technological, epistemic, ontological, methodological, and ethical issues in finance.

The aims and purpose of PHINANCE are as follows:

  1. to promote and advance the philosophy of finance and relation of philosophy and finance;
  2. to further contacts among philosophers of finance and financial scientists and practitioners;
  3. to disseminate information relating to the philosophy of finance regularly amongst members of the academic communities, and the educated and general public.
  4. to promote international philosophical and scientific exchanges on all levels;
  5. to support, on an international level, the progress of studies on philosophy and finance, and their communication.

Means and activities

PHINANCE intends to achieve its aims and purposes through the following non-financial means:

  1. the holding of (public or private) meetings for the presentation and discussion of professional topics including papers, in particular, the organization of regular colloquia and a biennial Conference;
  2. the engagement in all accompanying, necessary, suitable, or otherwise proper activities related to tasks specified in lit. (i) including media (TV, radio, film, newspaper) related activities;
  3. the publication and circulation of works of literature, science, and art pertaining to the aims of PHINANCE;
  4. the engagement in, and implementation of, research or education related activities (e.g., lectures, research projects, education programs or courses);
  5. the execution of any specific tasks, projects of research, or publications connected with the aims of PHINANCE in Academia, other professional areas, or the educated public, be that through own activities or by cooperation with or delegation to other competent organizations